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My name is Taylor and I'm an avid reader, as well as an aspiring author! I love cookies (obviously) and fantasy is my favorite genre (I usually review YA novels). Book reviews usually take 1-7 days to write, depending on the book.
Library of Souls - Ransom Riggs

What an amazing book!

Note: I haven't done a book review in a long time, and because of school and such, I haven't found the motivation to. Starting now, I'll be trying my hardest to review most of the books I read from here on out, and possibly write reviews for books I've already read!

1. Summarized Thoughts
This is my favorite installment of this trilogy, and I already missed the characters dearly a few moments after finishing, feeling a kind of tug in my stomach that I haven't felt in a while (or that probably could've been the tons of Sun Chips I ate earlier...oops); that's how I know I've really enjoyed a book. The pictures, as expected, were intriguing and despite my reviews for Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children and the sequel, Hollow City (I wouldn't suggest reading them, they're really cringey), I really enjoyed the writing overall.

2. Plot
I can't say much about the plot because this is the third book in the series and this is a non-spoiler review, but I can say that in this novel, it takes turns that I didn't see coming (but let's be real, I'm not good at detecting foreshadowing or any of those complex words that I don't know the meaning of), and goes along smoothly and surely.

3. Character Development
How much Jacob has changed from book one is both astonishing and wonderful, and as for the other (old and new) characters, I got to know them better as well. Considering that this trilogy took place over the span of a few weeks, the individual development of the characters was interesting to see, although I wasn't that surprised, also considering all the trouble they got into. I must say, however, that Addison is the best literary dog of all time, and getting to see more of him was really nice.

4. The Romance
When I read the first two books, I was quite opposed and uncomfortable about Emma and Jacob's relationship; it weirded me out, to say the least. But after reading this book, I wasn't against it at all. Seeing their adventure in this book and looking back on the previous ones, I realized I loved their chemistry and the way they helped each other throughout the series. That was enough for me.

5. The Writing
The writing was wonderful, and I feel that it's drastically improved over the course of this trilogy, which is unsurprising - the more you write the better you get, after all. It easily absorbed me into the story, and I loved the jokes strung throughout the story.

6. Conclusion
If you enjoyed the first two books, I highly suggest you pick this one up as soon as you can! I'm sad to see this amazing trilogy end, and I'll definitely revisit the series when the movies start coming out, a reread that I'm eager to start.